Queen of the North
Queen of the North
Queen of the North

Subotica – Queen of the North

The city of Subotica is considered by locals and tourists to be one of the most beautiful cities in Serbia. The city serves as a cultural hub, and has a rich history with an array of palaces, museums and breathtaking galleries.

This colorful and vibrant city was built in 1391 by the Austro-Hungarian king as the summer resort town for the royal court and the local elite.

Subotica, which was named – “Little Budapest” was built according to the spectacular architectural style of Art Nouveau, with many colorful and unique structures that give the city a look as if taken from the world of fairy tales.

The city is ranked as one of the 12 European cities in which one can be impressed by the Art Nouveau architectural style along with Barcelona, Vienna, Prague and more. 

In 2014, the city was ranked by the New York Times as one of the 52 ‘must see’ locations in the world. 

The magnificent Synagogue is located in the center of the city, and is the third largest in Europe and one of the most beautiful synagogues in the world. The impressive and vast building serves the small Jewish community living in the adjacent Jewish quarters. The building was recently renovated at a cost of €7 Million provided by the government of Serbia.  

Within a walking distance from the city center there is “Korzo” Street, the city’s main street which stretches from City Hall all the way to Reichel Palace, when along it stand beautiful structures and buildings, among which are the Opera House, the Municipal Library and the Central Bank Building. The street is bustling with life with a wide range of fashion stores, trendy coffee shops and a variety of restaurants that offer a rich culinary experience.


The city, which is considered as the fourth largest city in Serbia, currently numbers about 150,000 residents, and is defined as the country’s capital city of the north. The excellent location next to Serbia’s border crossings with its neighboring Hungary, Romania and Croatia, has given the city of Subotica the name “The Gate to Europe”.

Thanks to its strategic location and the proximity to border crossings, the city of Subotica was chosen to establish the largest high-tech and industrial zone (free zone) in the north of the country, together with large scale companies such as Siemens, Swarovski, Continental, Norma Group and more. Currently the industrial park is home to about 15,000 workers from the high-tech, engineering and manufacturing industry. In coming years, many more companies are expected to enter the industrial park and the number of employees is expected to reach to about 25,000.

There are four universities and colleges currently operating in the city:

• The Open University of Subotica

• Subotica Faculty of Civil Engineering

• Subotica Faculty of Economics

• Subotica Faculty of Law

In total there are about 1,500 students studying in the city which create a youthful and fresh atmosphere and increase the demand for property rentals in the city.

In addition, the city of Subotica is home to many diplomats and in fact all of the European Consulates are located in the center of the city, including a representative from the European Union, the consulates of Germany, Italy, Croatia, Hungary and more.

After many years of continuous stagnation in the field of real estate, the city now enjoys a significant increase in the number of construction starts. The main area in which the municipality concentrates most of its resources is the field of urban renewal in which our company fills a major role, as it continues to build and develop this wonderful city

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