Palic Lake
Palic Lake
Palic Lake
Palic Lake
Palic Lake

Palić lake

The resort town of Palić is located next to the city of Subotica, one of the most beautiful cities in Serbia, and only about 3km from the Hungarian border passing.

Lake Palić, the largest natural lake in the country, is located in the heart of town, and is considered as one of the most popular destinations and touristic attractions in Serbia. Ever since the 19th century, the healing waters and natural mud attracted many visitors to the lake, and the large numbers of visitors led to the establishment of the first spa in the place.

Nowadays, the lake has become a modern, developed and established resort town, which includes boutique hotels, sport facilities, football and basketball courts, tennis courts, a thermal pool, and bicycle and track routes. Around the lake, recreational and cultural structures were built and it has three declared beaches.

One of best attractions of the lake is the Palić Zoo, which is known not only for the wide variety of animals housed in it, but also by the rich plant collection, the most famous of which is the Rare Orchid Garden – a must destination for nature, botany and beauty lovers.

Another famous attraction is the European Film Festival, which takes place once a year during the summer months for more than two decades, and welcomes many movie entities, as well as famous actors, producers, directors, and film enthusiasts from all over Europe. During the seven days of the festival, Palić becomes the European film capital, capturing the crowds in its beauty, embracing all festival visitors year after year in increasingly growing numbers.

If you came all the way here, you mustn’t miss… local wine tastings of quality wine produced from the variety of vineyards in Palić, while taking in the views of an amazing sunset. Thanks to the lake, the soil in Palić is rich in natural minerals and is ideal for growing grapes. You can visit the variety of local boutique vineyards and even conduct a guided tour of the wine route. For the enthusiasts, the annual wine festival takes place in late September, and attracts wine lovers from all over Europe.

In recent years, the municipality of Subotica has dedicated many resources to the development of the lake in the fields of tourism and infrastructures, while establishing new spa complexes and thermal pools, building the huge water park, developing a new promenade around the lake and declaring two more beaches for the enjoyment of vacationers

As a result of infrastructure development and unparalleled investments in the area, and thanks to it being the largest natural lake in the country, the lake enjoys a steady increase in the number of tourists visiting each year.

After analyzing the real estate market in the Palić resort town in the last 5 years, we see a clear trend of increase both in the number of transactions as well as in the prices of real estate which continue to rise steadily. Whether it is the purchase of a property for improvement or whether buying a property for rent, our company will be happy to consult, locate and run the suitable property for you.


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