Palić lake

Nature Park Palić is located about 11 km north of Subotica, one of the most beautiful cities in Serbia, and only about 15 km from the Hungarian border crossing. A beautiful lake is in the heart of the natural resort. Palić is the largest natural lake in the country, and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Serbia. Ever since the 19th century, the healing waters and natural mud have attracted many visitors to the lake shore, led to the establishment of the first spa. Today, Palić is a well-developed and established modern resort that includes boutique hotels, sports facilities, football and basketball courts, tennis courts, a thermal pool, aqua park, cycling and running tracks. Around the lake one can find recreational and cultural buildings and three declared bathing beaches. One of the lake’s most attractive destinations is the Palic Zoo, known not only for its large variety of animals, but also for its rich collection of plants, the most famous of which is the rare orchid garden – a must-see destination for nature, botany, and ornamental lovers. Another famous attraction is the European Film Festival, which takes place once a year during the summer months for over two decades and welcomes many filmmakers as well as famous actors, producers, directors, and film admirers from all over Europe. Once arrived, you must taste a high-quality local wine produced in some of surrounding vineyards. You can stay at a variety of local boutique hotels or wineries and take a unique guided Wine Route tour. More to this, the annual wine festival is held in late September, attracting wine lovers from all over Europe. In recent years, the municipality of Subotica has devoted many resources to the development of the lake in the fields of tourism and infrastructure, with the construction of new spa complexes, the construction of the huge water park, a new promenade around the lake and the two more beaches.

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