Our Model

The Serbia-Israel Company makes the opportunity for real estate investments abroad accessible, with an innovative model which enables you to play with the big players using low equity! 

Starting from €25,000

Our team of experts has extensive experience in tracking opportunities, analyzing transactions and project management in the field of real estate.

We believe that it is in the power of a group of investors to come together and form a business partnership entity under one roof, while providing an administrative, legal and financial mechanism in order to effectively and with profitability make yielding real estate investments. 

Our investment tracks

• Recruiting a group of buyers for an entrepreneurship project

• Property betterment and sale (Exit)

• The acquisition of short and long term yielding properties

• Land betterment and increasing building rights



The company's team focuses on finding properties with betterment potential in a prime location

Joining with
a local partner

That has rich and proven experience in real estate projects


Preparing an analytical report for the project and setting schedules

Investors' Capital

Designed for each project separately and making up the required capital from the company's capital

Legal accompaniment and protection for investors

By setting legal defense assurances as well as the registration of ownership at the Land Registry Office for every investor

The Serbia-Israel company operates a complete and regulated mechanism for locating opportunities and investments in the Serbian, through local partners with which the company a number of long term partnerships with mutual trust. 

As part of the various investment tracks, our company strictly adheres to a regulated and meticulous analysis and the examination of each process, from a strict risk management to the presentation of a highly conservative profit projection. After comprehensively examining the project, the company begins the process of recruiting the required capital from investors, while promoting the project under the control and management of the business plan.

For offers in one of our investment tracks

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