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Property Management and Building Maintenance

Property management is based on a relationship of trust between the property owner and the Property Management Company.

We are doing everything possible to ensure our clients’ peace of mind – the property is being cared for and maintained, while generating maximum income at the same time. Even when you are overseas, you know you are receiving personal care throughout the period you are away from your property.

As part of our full service package, we provide our clients with a full safety net which includes property management and building maintenance in a comprehensive and ongoing manner.

Property Manager is the person in charge of your property, and he is the one who mediates between you and the lessees. For example, below are some of the unique issues being handled by the property manager: 

  • Locating tenants – Advertising and marketing the property in the various media and its exposure to local realtors who work in collaboration with our company on a regular basis. The professional property manager knows how to track the most suitable tenants and convince them of the advantages of the property under his care.
  • Requirements of securities and collaterals – The property manager together with the company’s legal advisor, conduct a full scale investigation into the potential tenants, their pay slips and monthly repayment capacity, as well as makes sure the securities and collaterals have been placed prior the tenants’ entry into the property.
  • Drafting a lease agreement – After all the above clauses have been complied with, the legal advisor of the company drafts a lease agreement between the tenants and the renter, as well as prepares a power of attorney in order to sign in the name of the renter on the lease agreement.
  • Collection of rental fee – The owner of the apartment should not have to deal with the collection of fees. The property manager skillfully does it for him.
  • Opening a bank account – Parallel to the purchase of the property, the company’s attorney will open a bank account for the investor, from which all finances will be managed (payment of taxes, income from rental fees, payment of bills, etc.).
  • Reporting to the accountant – Preparing the annual reports for the accountant, reporting to the tax authorities and payment of all the necessary taxes and bills.
  • 24/7 Response – The property manager is the contact person for tenants’ complaints. He is the liaison in case there is a need to deal with problems in the buildings such as electricity and maintenance. He is the one to contact electricians and plumbers who offer fair prices.

Building Maintenance

An integral part of the property management department is the building maintenance department. This department employs a full-time tram of maintenance personnel, gardeners, cleaning crews and foremen to carry out the task on an ongoing basis.

Within the framework of the department, we provide a comprehensive solution for each property in accordance with its requirements, and by doing so we give our clients peace of mind, preserve the value of the property and even improve it for years to come.

The company provides its clients with a wide range of services in the field of building maintenance:

Property Manager is the person in charge of your property, and he is the one who mediates between you and the lessees. For example, below are some of the unique issues being handled by the property manager: 

  • Cleaning services – Performing one thorough cleaning periodically inside the property and externally.

  • Gardening and development works – Lawn care, irrigation, pruning trees and branches.

  • Replacing reasonable wear and tear – Preserving the property and property maintenance on a regular basis by replacing reasonable wear and tear from time to time.

  • Maintenance of property systems – Maintaining property integrity and the use of it, including repair and replacement of faulty parts in the plumbing, electricity and heating systems in the property.

  • Preparedness for summer – Executing pest control and removing weeds.

  • Preparedness for winter – Gutter cleaning, checking the sealing and insulation, dealing and maintenance of the water and sewage systems, clearing snow and passageways.

  • Report and control – Preparing quarterly reports which summarize the array of actions taken together with the economic performance of the property.

Property Management Company – All the benefits

According to the company’s vision, the property management and maintenance was one of the first actions we took after establishing our standing in Serbia.

Out of long-term vision and sense of security we wish to provide our investors, we have decided to take the issue all the way.

We have purchased vehicles, employed workers beginning with gardeners and cleaning crews and up to foremen, and recently we even completed the construction of our new logistics center which spreads over 500SqM and holds in it all the equipment, tools and all that is needed so that your property will receive the best of service.

Our primary goal is that you will always feel you are within a touching distance from your property.

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