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Our company specializes in locating and marketing real estate investments in Israel and abroad, offering its clients ground breaking real estate opportunities.

We believe that the driving force behind any real estate investment success story is the ability to identify and analyze the next investment “under the radar”.

After the process of locating and identifying the potential, we analyze each real estate investment separately in order to understand the operating forces in the market and the common trends.

In our view, it all begins with people. Since we are talking of a long term relationship, it is most important for you to familiarize yourselves with the people behind the activities.

It’s been 4 years that we are on the line between Israel and Serbia. We established offices in Israel and in Serbia that are run full time by a local skilled and professional team.

The strong human infrastructure includes all the professional factors to ensure a peaceful conduct, meticulous planning and precise execution.

Our company employs lawyers and legal advisors, accountant and bookkeeper who specialize in tax consultancy and planning, a team of architects and interior designers who are already working on your next investment.

We hold property betterment companies (renovations), as well as building management and maintenance companies.

Thanks to the strong and stable connections we made over the years, we have established a circle of connections with seniors in the local banking system, local businessmen and entrepreneurs, and of course with strong local realtors who provide us with first rights to the hottest properties in the market.

All this comes together to form an efficient and focused team which knows how to create safe and high yielding business transactions.

Our vast experience in the field of real estate investments, together with the ongoing investments in human assets out of the aspiration to constantly develop and improve, elevating our service awareness to the top of the scale.

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